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Special Collection

Ukraine: A New Horizon of Warfare?

Collection launched: 16 Jun 2022

The fighting in Ukraine is provoking very profound questions about existing understandings of modern warfare and the relevance of mainstream military operations, concepts, doctrines and theories concerning the application of force. The use of innovative technologies in the form of armed drones, advanced anti-tank weapons, man-portable surface to air missiles and modern body armour have characterized the warfare in Ukraine. It has allowed numerically inferior defensive forces to exude extraordinary resilience and combat power in the face of an offensive campaign by a more powerful military foe. Is a new horizon of warfare unfolding in Ukraine?

To quickly bring analyses and opinions to the table, this special issue on the Ukraine war diverts from Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies’ normal academic format by featuring shorter discussion-style pieces on the implications of what we are seeing in Ukraine. By doing so, the editor team hopes to provide up-to-date observations from military studies scholars, to identify topics for further academic enquiry, and to provoke new lines of thinking and thought on the most comprehensive armed conflict on the European continent since WWII.

Image credits: Forsvarsgalleriet/Sune Wadskjær Nielsen