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Special Collection

Military exercises and wargaming in professional military education

Collection launched: 20 Sep 2022

This special issue of SJMS explores the use of military exercises, simulations and wargaming in professional military education. There is a long tradition of using such educational activities to develop officer competence and to socialize cadets into the military profession by tasking them to solve professionally relevant and practical problems in realistic contexts. Cadets generally find such activities meaningful, useful, and fun.

The special issue provides a general account of the use and misuse of educational wargaming, offers specific examples of the way Norwegian military officer education uses these pedagogical methods, critically addresses key assumptions on the topic, and proposes a better integration of such activities with defence research. Throughout 12 chapters renowned international experts in the field, along with scholars and military professionals from the Norwegian Defence University College and the Norwegian Defence Research establishment offer their experiences and reflections.

Guest editor: Carsten F. Roennfeldt, Norwegian Defence University College/Norwegian Military Academy.